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Matlock provides state-of-the-art Managed IT Services, Software Development, Cybersecurity, Government Community Cloud Services, and Construction and Facilities Services to our federal & commercial partners.
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Digital Transformation And Security For Your Organization

With a firm foundation in cybersecurity and AI, we excel in software development and IT infrastructure. Leveraging cloud technology, we offer our partners robust, scalable solutions that emphasize digital efficiency and resilience.

Cloud-Driven Solutions

for enhanced agility and scalability

Security-Centric Approach

with robust measures against cyber threats

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Innovation

for predictive analytics and proactive security

Internet of Things (IoT) Expertise

for leveraging interconnected devices securely

Who We Work With

With a strong track record in both government and technology sectors, we bring expertise in regulatory compliance and innovation. We utilize this experience to empower our partners with reliable and state of the art technological solutions that are proven to deliver.

Explore Our Capabilities

Collaborative turnkey solutions for government and business

Managed IT Services

We offer deep expertise in systems, network, and cloud architectures, so you can enjoy seamless operations and uninterrupted tech support.

Software Development

We specialize in web, iOS, and Android applications tailored to meet government and commercial standards and enrich them further with the precision and efficiency of artificial intelligence(AI).


We conduct high-value asset assessments and penetration testing to pinpoint vulnerabilities. Our incident response and cyber HUNT protocols swiftly neutralize threats, ensuring digital asset protection.

Government Community Cloud (GCC) Services

We provide tailored GCC and GCC High solutions, including compliance assessments, penetration testing, and more, ensuring robust protection for your government agency's digital assets.

Construction and Facilities Services

With turnkey solutions tailored to your requirements, we operate state-of-the-art facilities that enable you to focus on core functions and achieve your objectives.

Success Stories

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A Custom Software Solution to Global Mission Challenges

Matlock constructs a multi-agency software platform to manage high-tempo Explosive Detection Canine (EDC) operations, enabling key participants around the world to access the precise data they need and carry out mission-critical functions.
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Modernizing IT for Diplomatic Security

Matlock transforms the IT backbone of a critical facility serving the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, bringing the power of advanced cybersecurity measures, complex data analysis techniques, enhanced security monitoring capabilities, and Artificial Intelligence to bear.
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Advanced Threat Detection Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Matlock spearheads a cutting-edge project to enhance the detection of explosives by incorporating Artificial Intelligence into the screening process.


ISO 9001:2015 NSAI Certified