Success Stories

Advanced Threat Detection Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Situation: Matlock is currently engaged in a cutting-edge project to enhance an existing product used in the detection of explosives. The mission is ambitious: to seamlessly integrate Azure AI Vision with the product, dramatically enhancing its ability to detect threats within postal systems.

Modernizing IT for Diplomatic Security

Situation: In 2017, Matlock & Associates was tasked with modernizing the IT backbone of a critical facility serving the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security. The Diplomatic Security Service, recognizing the need to upgrade its capabilities across functional areas, required a technological overhaul that included everything from basic information system capabilities to the facility’s physical security infrastructure.

A Custom Software Solution to Global Mission Challenges

Situation: In 2017, the Department of State assigned Matlock & Associates the critical task of building a multi-agency software platform to manage high-tempo Explosive Detection Canine (EDC) operations around the world. The global EDC mission supported State Department personnel and VIPs in locations ranging from highly developed countries to the conflict zones of Afghanistan and Iraq. The U.S.