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Efficiency gained is a mission enhanced. That’s why our clients turn to Matlock to design and develop bespoke technological solutions from scratch, and then implement those solutions in support of goals ranging from small office automation to the streamlining of global logistics networks.
We begin by mapping our clients’ processes and helping them envision the tools that would eliminate friction and enable their professionals to concentrate on the most pressing issues. Then, we initiate collaborative design, development, and testing, enabling us to deliver the precise services and products needed to unlock customer effectiveness and productivity.
At Matlock, we don’t create products and services to sell to our customers. We develop product and service concepts alongside our clients and bring those concepts into existence.
What We Do
Collaborative turnkey solutions for government and business

Managed IT Services

Systems Integration & Administration
We centralize and optimize your digital systems through IT strategy consulting, procurement support, data warehousing and governance management, help desk and end user support, and custom training programs.
Network Architecture
We design resilient and scalable infrastructures that ensure consistent connectivity, optimized performance, and seamless data exchange for your enterprise.
Cloud Architecture and Hosting
Our cloud systems give your team the ability to utilize the full set of data they need to succeed at any time and from any place while safeguarding critical information against unauthorized access, ensuring mission effectiveness and data security.
Data Analytics and Insights
Our data analysis and insight services empower organizations to harness he full potential of their data, unlocking new opportunities to better serve your customer base, improve efficiency, detect emerging challenges obscured by data, and grow.
Secure Communications Solutions
We offer end-to-end encryption solutions that ensure the highest level of security and privacy for your voice, video, and mobile communications and remote collaboration platforms.
Legacy Systems Migration
Our solutions safeguard your data throughout migration, ensuring the highest level of security and privacy for your digital assets.

Software Development

iOS and Android App Development
Custom software development is at the core of our skill set. Our full-stack development team uses Agile and DevSecOps methodologies to deliver software platforms tailored to your precise operational requirements.
Web App Development
Utilizing a web interface is one of the most effective ways to bring simplicity, efficiency, and accessibility to your most essential software systems. We provide secure web-based applications to meet all your organization’s needs.
Artificial Intelligence(AI) Integration
We specialize in incorporating Microsoft Azure into business and information processes, enabling you to harness the power of AI and take your capabilities to the next level.

Managed Cybersecurity

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
Our cybersecurity services are based upon a clear diagnostic understanding of the risks and vulnerabilities affecting your digital assets. Through meticulous review, we provide a 360-degree view of the challenges and opportunities of network modernization.
High Value Asset Assessment
We deliver deep analysis of your most critical infrastructure and systems, ensuring they are secure and operational no matter the threat environment.
Penetration Testing
Under controlled conditions, our highly trained white hat specialists aggressively probe the defenses of client systems, simulating the tactics of hostile actors and identifying the weaknesses that the most creative and dedicated adversaries seek to exploit.
Cyber HUNT
Our cybersecurity services include active measures to seek out and neutralize nefarious actors attempting to compromise and exploit your IT systems. Our HUNT protocols constitute the most aggressive defense of your network and data.
Incident Response
Should a cyber incident occur, we respond to rapidly identify and quarantine malicious code, arrest corruption or exploitation of data, and secure vulnerable systems against future attacks.

Government Community Cloud (GCC) Services

GCC / GCC High Licensing
We offer comprehensive licensing solutions tailored to GCC and GCC High requirements, ensuring your organization’s compliance and operational efficiency.
GCC Tenant to Tenant Migration
Our experts securely and seamlessly transfer your digital assets between GCC tenants, ensuring continuous operational effectiveness.
Compliance and Optimization
We provide expert NIST compliance services in the GCC region, ensuring your operations align with regulatory requirements while maintaining peak efficiency.

Construction and Facilities Services

Federal Construction Management
With a background in austere-environment construction and engineering, we ensure that your facilities are built to provide a safe and productive space for your workforce, no matter the challenges faced.
Federal Facilities Management
Our facilities management staff prioritizes people and mission above all else. We pride ourselves on enabling teams to tackle the biggest challenges with confidence and capability, whether at home or abroad.
Electronic Security Systems (ESS) and Technical Security Systems (TSS)
We specialize in turnkey ESS and TSS solutions, including full-scope Security Operations Center (SOC) services, to ensure the safety of your people and assets.