Supporting Our Nation’s Retired Canine Heroes

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Supporting Our Nation’s Retired Canine Heroes

K-9 Flash enjoys spending summers on Lake Huron and winters playing in the snow—but before she retired, she deployed more than 3,000 times. Her resume includes more than 2,000 narcotic finds. K-9 Jake spent his career searching for explosives, helping secure the nation’s most critical intelligence facilities. K-9 Dingo helped find millions in illegal narcotics.

Military and police dogs put their lives on the line every day.

Flash, Jake and Dingo are just three examples of the canine heroes who have protected our country. However, there are no public funds dedicated to the retirement of police and military dogs. That’s why long-time canine advocate Jason Johnson founded Project K-9 Hero.

The nonprofit works to ensure the best quality of life for these heroes through help with medical costs, food and end-of-service duties. At Matlock, we want to help honor their service by funding these services and their retirement.


One of the heroes Matlock is working to help is K-9 Axel. Axel conducted more than 200 high-risk operations during his career, and helped apprehend countless violent criminals. Axel is facing at least one surgery this month—and by handling the medical expenses, Project K-9 Hero is working to make sure that recovery is the only thing Axel and his owner have to worry about. Learn more about Axel here.

A Happy Hour to Help our Heroes

We are inviting colleagues, business partners, friends and family to join us—and a current working K-9 hero guest—in supporting Project K-9 Hero.

Matlock is organizing a happy hour at Dacha Beer Garden on 1600 7th Street NW in DC. The event will begin at 6 p.m. on July 11. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase an extended happy hour option. Funds from these purchases, along with any Project K-9 Hero sales and donations, will benefit the nonprofit. The outdoor happy hour is dog friendly.

American canine heroes work tirelessly to protect our country, both in the country and abroad. We know that together, we can help support heroes like Axel, Flash, Jake and Dingo. For more information, please email