Matlock Donates Communications and Cyber Expertise to ISOA

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Matlock Donates Communications and Cyber Expertise to ISOA

When you’re working in developing countries and supporting contingency operations, reliable partnerships are critical. Matlock & Associates is committed to supporting colleagues who tackle some of the most difficult logistical challenges on the planet. That’s why we’re proud of our work with the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA), which we have helped reach a wider audience through the launch of its organizational website,

ISOA is a global partnership of private sector and non-governmental organizations providing critical services in fragile environments worldwide. It exists to promote ethical standards in operational contractor support and build key relationships within and across stability operations sectors by identifying common interests, advocating for the effective utilization of private sector services in fragile environments, facilitating business development opportunities for ISOA members through its exclusive network and ensuring accountability, transparency and ethics throughout the stability operations community.

The new ISOA website is a clearinghouse for information of value to association members, new and existing clients, and professionals interested in employment in the sector. The page features industry and association news, key information regarding the stability operations space, links to partner organizations, and venues through which employers and prospective employees can connect. This access point has elevated the association’s profile substantially and provided members with the tools to thrive through improved coordination.

Matlock’s support to the ISOA mission was made possible by our depth of expertise in the software development, network integration, cyber and communications sectors. As an emerging leader in custom information technology solutions for U.S. government clients, we have provided mission essential capabilities in the realms of systems engineering and integration, network engineering and applications development and cyber systems advisory services. Recent accomplishments include:

  • Installation and integration of secure, globally accessible databases for mission status tracking and data analytics in support of Department of State operations worldwide
  • Network security, network management and enterprise wireless implementation
  • Innovative software development and robust network implementation and management for the Department of State, improving mission effectiveness across geographically separated locations
  • Testing, validation and enhancement of Commercial Solutions Intelligence Programs for the U.S. Air Force, to include efficiency improvements in network performance and battery life

The agility and depth that Matlock brings to its relationships with clients and partner firms have improved the association’s ability to serve its members and industry customers and are exemplary of the capabilities that ISOA exists to highlight and enhance. At Matlock, we are grateful for the opportunity to have served our ISOA friends and colleagues and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.