Pearl City, HI
Salary: $54,000.00 /hour

Matlock is in need of a Security Specialist, fulltime position. We are looking for a top performer whom has attention to detail. Security Specialist will have the duty of Security Administration Logistical Support for Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR), Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific, Indo-Pacific Department, Code H, Pearl City, Hawaii.

Matlock is working with the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR), Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) and is the beginning a 5-year program.

Special requirements:

Must possess a current final Secret clearance with the following desired qualification:

Required Past Experience:

At least twelve (12) months of experience using and inputting into the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS)

At least twelve (12) months of experience issuing badges and processing of incoming visit requests

At least twelve (12) months of experience processing incoming official mail and performance as a Mail Orderly.

At least twelve (12) months of experience processing and preparing incoming and outgoing classified materials, in accordance with DODI 5200.01 V1 – V4, processing of courier card requests and issuance of courier cards.

At least twelve (12) months of experience or more utilizing Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Adobe Acrobat.

Job responsibilities:

The existing Security Administration Logistical Support is to maintain Visitor Control, process USPS Mail, process classified materials and provide administrative support to NIWC Pacific, Indo-Pacific Code H Security Specialist.

Visitor Control Support.

Manage the issuance of permanent badges to NIWC personnel and tenants and temporary visitor badges to all official visitors, process incoming visit requests received from Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) and facsimile. The contractor shall conduct semi- annual badge inventory of all permanent and visitor badges for 100 percent accountability.

Issue badges following the objectives, policies, procedures and security requirements as stated in SSCPACINST 5500.1 Series.

Maintain the Visitor Control Room:

  • All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) documents, correspondence, and visitor requests shall be cleared from counters and filed accordingly, daily.
  • All badges shall be accounted for and returned to its proper location, daily.
  • Badge machine system, desks, counters and floors shall be clear of all rubbish, daily.
  • Counters, badge machine system and all furniture shall be dusted/wiped once a week.

Official Carrier Support.

  • Complete all required Mail Orderly training and be designated as a Mail Orderly.
  • Process all incoming and outgoing official mail delivered by USPS on normal workdays. Contractor shall sort and place mail in the designated locked mailbox.
  • Classified Material Management.

The Security Specialist serves in various duties pertaining to classified materials and accountable materials by:

  • Opening and securing the restricted area, per SSCPAC SOP for Secure Room.
  • Processing courier card request within one work-day.
  • Processing/preparing incoming and outgoing classified materials immediately upon receipt or as soon as possible, per DODI 5200.01 V1 – V4; SECNAV M-5510.36 Series and SSCPACINST 5500.1 Series.
  • Preparing appropriate documents for signature by Government employee prior to release of classified materials.
  • Preparing classified materials according to manuals and instructions prior to release.
  • Assisting in completing data calls for Security Specialist’s review.
  • Assist the Security Specialist with destruction of classified material

Administrative Support

  • Perform data entry into various data systems and management information systems to update and maintain current status. Retrieve status reports from databases.
  • Perform editing, proofing, general organizing and collating of technical documents.
  • Reproduce copies of original documents.
  • Manage the scheduling of usage, monitor fuel level and maintenance of the Officer In Charge (OIC) official vehicle.
  • Complete a Contractor’s Progress, Status and Management Report monthly (CDRL A001).

Demonstrable familiraty with the following documents are a major plus:

  • SECNAV M-5510.36 Series: Information Security Program
  • NIWCPACINST 5500.1Series: Security Manual
  • DODM 5200.01 V1-4 Information Security Program
  • SSCPAC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) For Secure Room

Location of position: Pearl City, Hawaii Fulltime

The place of performance for this project shall be at Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC), Pacific Indo-Pacific Department, Code H, Building 992 and 998; 2293 Victor Wharf Access Road, Pearl City, Hawaii.

Matlock benefits

Great support Healthcare coverage, medical, dental and vision benefit

An excellent Simple IRA investment plan

Referral program

Personal time off package

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