Arlington, VA

DME Network Engineer

Matlock is looking for an experienced individual to join our team as a Domestic Maintenance and Engineering Network Engineer. The Network Engineer shall possess expertise in telecommunications networks and Information Technologies in order to install, operate, maintain and secure AlarmNet telecommunications infrastructure. The individual must have a broad knowledge of networking fundamentals to include server/client systems as well as router and switch configuration and troubleshooting. The individual must be able to demonstrate proficiency with WAN/LAN infrastructures, telecommunications concepts, network layers, design, protocols and encryption. The individual must be able to apply critical thinking to solve complex technical problems. bachelor’s degree and/or networking certifications a plus, and must possess excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. The individual’s key responsibilities and performance requirements are:

  • Deploy, manage, maintain, and support network services and equipment;
  • Install hardware/software patches and updates;
  • Respond to monitored alerts to quickly identify trouble source and implement resolution;
  • Interpret and apply established statutes, policies, and regulations as required;
  • Design and develop system performance and implement performance tuning methods;
  • Conduct system audits and configuration backups;
  • Assist with design and implementation of technical security technology and IT projects as directed;
  • Assist in supporting local applications, servers and workstations;
  • Collaborate in authoring network topology, documentation, policies, processes, and procedures;
  • Function as a reliable team member and able to provide periodic 24/7 on call support; and
  • Able to lift up to 35 pounds.

Experience Level Required:

Bachelor’s Degree

5 years experience in telecommunications networks and IT

Possess a broad knowledge of networking fundamentals

Proficiency with WAN/LAN infrastructures, telecommunications concepts, network layers, design, protocols and encryption

Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills

Networking certifications are a plus

Specialty Requirements:

Secret or Top-Secret level clearance

Not required but highly favorable if with SCI access and COMSEC/crypto access require Final Top-Secret personnel clearance

To be considered: We must have a resume showing at a minimum.

  • Name;
  • Years of Experience;
  • Education level;
  • Security clearance level;
  • Statement of work history (including dates, employer, and title), description of experience and indicate whether experience is full time or part time;
  • Length of time employed by the Offeror;
  • Matlock will require a Contingency Offer Letter signed by the individual for the program during the screening and selection prior to actual employment
  • Resume shall identify a start and end date (month and year) that the individual worked on each experience block or job reference cited in the resume.

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