Arlington, VA

SMSE Network Engineer

Matlock is looking for an experienced invidual to join our team as an Security Management Systems enterprise Network Engineer. The senior network engineer will be responsible for ensuring the stable operation and efficient performance of data networks; monitoring and managing all network hardware and equipment, including routers, switches and encryptors; analyzing network performance across the organization’s LANs and WANs; and identifying and developing remedies for network performance bottlenecks.

The network engineer will:

  • Provide network performance statistics and reports.
  • Install and configure all network hardware and equipment, including routers, switches and encryptors.
  • Inspect, maintain and where necessary replace network cabling and other network-related equipment.
  • Administer hardware and software upgrades for network equipment.
  • Perform network design and capacity planning.
  • Develop, implement and maintain policies, procedures and associated training plans for network resource administration, appropriate use and disaster recovery.
  • Perform network asset management, including maintenance of network component inventory and related documentation and technical specifications information.
  • Administer and maintain user accounts, permissions and access rights.
  • Recommend, schedule and perform network improvements, upgrades and repairs.
  • Interact with vendors, outsourcers and contractors to secure network products and services.

Experience Level Required:

Bachelor’s Degree or advanced degree in computer science or related field

Experience with Juniper network solutions

Experience with network management and analysis tools such as Solar Winds

Possess solid working knowledge of network security measures

Junior or Cisco network certifications are a plus

Specialty Requirements:

Secret or Top-Secret level clearance

Not required but highly favorable if with SCI access and COMSEC/crypto access require Final

Top-Secret personnel clearance

To be considered: We must have a resume showing at a minimum.

  • Name;
  • Years of Experience;
  • Education level;
  • Security clearance level;
  • Statement of work history (including dates, employer, and title), description of experience and indicate whether experience is full time or part time;
  • Length of time employed by the Offeror;
  • Matlock will require a Contingency Offer Letter signed by the individual for the program during the screening and selection prior to actual employment
  • Resume shall identify a start and end date (month and year) that the individual worked on each experience block or job reference cited in the resume.

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