Arlington, VA

SMSE VSOC Content Manager

Matlock is looking for an experienced individual to join our team as a Security Management Systems enterprise VSOC Content Manager. The VSOC Content Manager will possess a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline or advanced degree, where required, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Certification may be required in some areas. The individual will possess experience in manipulating 3-D models. The individual must have a good understanding of computers and computer networks and a solid understanding of the TCP/IP protocol. The VSOC content manager shall:

  • Provide direction and guidance to the VSOC content specialist staff.
  • Manage several terabytes of satellite imagery, updating, converting and adding files when necessary.
  • Act as liaison between the Security Management System enterprise group and the Boeing Visual Security Operations group.
  • Act as liaison between the SMSe group and the DOS webmasters.
  • Manage the current VSOC licenses in the field and track all future purchases of VSOC licenses.
  • Updating website content on the SMSe home page.
  • Act as quality assurance lead for all new VSOC content added to the system.
  • Ensure all SMSe tickets related to VSOC configuration are acted on promptly and effectively and closed promptly.
  • Create training documentation for the users of the VSOC program within the DOS.

Experience Level Required:

Bachelor’s Degree

Direct experience in manipulating 3-D models

Possess a good understanding of computers and computer networks

Possess a solid understanding of the TCP/IP protocol

Specialty Requirements:

Secret or Top-Secret level clearance

Not required but highly favorable if with SCI access and COMSEC/crypto access require Final Top-Secret personnel clearance

To be considered: We must have a resume showing at a minimum.

  • Name;
  • Years of Experience;
  • Education level;
  • Security clearance level;
  • Statement of work history (including dates, employer, and title), description of experience and indicate whether experience is full time or part time;
  • Length of time employed by the Offeror;
  • Matlock will require a Contingency Offer Letter signed by the individual for the program during the screening and selection prior to actual employment
  • Resume shall identify a start and end date (month and year) that the individual worked on each experience block or job reference cited in the resume.

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