Arlington, VA
Salary: $21.00 to $25.00 /hour

Matlock and Associates, LLC

3033 Wilson Blvd. Suite700, PMB #117

Arlington, VA 22201

(571) 858-3710

Matlock is seeking a motivated, mission-oriented Site Security Coordinator (SSC) to serve as an on-site security authority to monitor the facility for both internal and external security threats and risks. The purpose of this contract is to provide Site Security Personnel (SSP) to assist the Office of Security Management (SM) in accomplishing its mission of ensuring the security integrity of both domestic and overseas construction sites and storage areas. This is a fulltime position and the individual will report to the Program Site Security Coordinator.

Site Security Coordinator: The purpose of the SSC is to assist the DoS Security Office with the day-to-day security coordination and management of DoS and OBO Construction Projects. The SSC must have great attention to detail and be capable of independent decision making with confidence in taking initiative.

Special requirements:

Must have a Secret Clearance

Must have received Diplomatic Security Training and CST/CAG Training from U.S. Department of

Must have Top Security Clearance

Required Past Experience:

5 years of experience as an SSC

Experience working on a Federal program

Progressive leadership experience in a corporate security program or public law enforcement agency

Must possess knowledge of the operations, services and activities of a comprehensive law enforcement or security program

Must demonstrate solid interpersonal skills, professional judgment and problem-solving skills


In this role, the individual will coordinate and evaluate security programs to monitor the security risks on site. As a Security Coordinator, you’ll work to ensure programs are effective as well as perform regular inspections on security systems and implement security protocols. The coordinator will advise facility management on security related issues and make arrangements for advancements. This person will monitor, observe, and interact with the construction workers as they accomplish their various tasks to inhibit the introduction of electrical, mechanical, or any other type of hostile surveillance monitoring devices into infrastructures. The SSCs will be responsible for examining and screening all equipment, materials, and furnishings that will be used in the controlled construction area by following instructed protocol. The SSC will be required to keep a log of daily reports and construction activities.

Location of position: Varies with home base located at Arlington, VA

Length of position: Varies

Matlock benefits:

  • Great support Healthcare coverage, medical, dental and vision benefits
  • An excellent Simple IRA investment plan
  • Referral program
  • Personal time off package

About Matlock:

At Matlock & Associates our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for our passionate customers; a foundation for incredible impacts. We are passionate about connecting the perspectives of humanity in a way that influences and fosters positive change. We take it personal and we get close, we go all in with those affected by our work. The people we help, the missions we support, they change things, they push societies to a better place. We protect those brave and rare customers who strive to make others’ lives better.

Matlock & Associates specializes in IT networking, IT security engineering, procurement, construction management, logistics, project management and manufacturing. We offer competitive, complete solutions for industries across the globe. The dynamic nature of Matlock & Associates internal structures allows our teams to quickly react to situations and develop a strategy for success.

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