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Matlock is in need of an innovative and detail-oriented Satellite Engineer for an integration engineering and engineering design project for the Relay Ground Station Asia System for Naval Information Warfare systems Command (NAVWAR), Naval Information Warfare center (NIWC) Pacific.

The Relay Ground Station-Asia (RGS-A) will enable the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) Next Generation Space Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) Ground System to operate the Legacy Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) Geosynchronous (GEO) space vehicles.

This project will design, procure, develop, integrate and test advanced technology RGS-A hardware and software capability to provide uplink and downlink capability to the Legacy SBIRS GEO, Defense Support Program (DSP), Next Gen GEO, and Next Generation Polar space vehicles. The Relay Ground Station Asia will be located in Guam and will provide connectivity between the satellites and end users.

Role Specific Duties:

· Support site surveys to gather all pertinent data to prepare engineering plans.

· Perform engineering analyses of alternate designs with respect to system requirements to optimize performance. This includes block diagrams, wiring diagrams and cabling diagrams.

· Support facility design, facility requirements and site preparation activities necessary for installation of RGS-A equipment.

· Perform engineering/technical analysis on operational and or system requirements and provide reports with results, recommendations and rationale to project and program lead.

· Study and recommend design criteria and performance standards to ensure compatibility and commonality with respect to interfacing of equipment and/or subsystems.

· Support engineering studies of proposed radio frequency (RF) systems to determine their impact in the following areas: electronic equipment (due to radiated susceptibility related electromagnetic interference (EMI)), and the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the proposed RF systems with existing and other proposed RF systems.

· Submit a summary of program’s Progress, Status, and Management Report.

· Provide engineering support for engineering tests, checks, inspections, certifications and evaluations of equipment for RGS-A. Equipment may include Integrated Physical

· Security System (IPSS) such as Access Control Systems (ACS) and Intrusion Detection

· Systems (IDS), inter-cabling, ancillary equipment and cooling.

· Support development of test plans and test procedures to check out and verify operation of the RGS-A system.

· Observe and validate format-testing programs, including review of test plans and test procedures, witnessing of tests and examining the results for compliance with applicable specifications and requirements.

· Evaluate all significant parameters associated with mission performance and prepare a report which cites parameters which deviate from performance specifications or which could tend to either drive costs up by over-testing or would degrade performance because of under-testing.

· Provide expertise during all phases of testing and on-site integration of new or updated systems. Such effort may include analysis of system anomalies to identify system malfunction and analysis of system performance to identify requisite modifications.

· Support pre-installation checkout of equipment to determine suitability of said equipment for their intended use. Where checkout indicates discrepancies, make reports citing failures and prepare recommendations for corrective action.

Required Qualifications:

· Minimum of three (3) years of engineering experience with satellite communications systems.

· One (1) year of experience in the development of ground terminal equipment to communicate with satellites.

· Knowledge of facilities and infrastructure for satellite communications systems

· Knowledge of development of communications and networking equipment for baseband communications

· Knowledge of requirements documentation, design documentation and interface documentation

· Knowledge of test and evaluation for communications systems

Special requirements:

· Must have an Active Secret Clearance

· Must have worked on a Federal project

Location of position: Naval Information Warfare Center in Pearl City, HI

Length of position: 12 months

Matlock benefits:

· 3 weeks of paid leave

· IRA with employer match

· Medical/Dental/Vision insurance coverage

· Annual training

· Spot bonuses, generous Xmas party gifts

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