Matlock & Associates is a trusted provider of mission support and training services to the government and multinational clients in high-risk and under-developed locations. We understand the complexities of establishing security and developing local capabilities. By leveraging our core capabilities, together with a strategic network of local and international partners, we are ready to provide engineering, logistics and construction services to organizations operating throughout the world.

Matlock & Associates combination of global resources and proven engineering capabilities deliver world-class facilities to our clients’ while meeting their demanding business needs. Our streamlined global engineering process—from concept to completion—produces consistent results in some of the most difficult and challenging locations on earth by using robust, data centric and technologically advanced engineering methods.

Our proven, time-tested design approach is based on a logical sequence of processes that focus on client input and reducing redesigns that impact cost and schedule.

One of Matlock & Associates key strengths is the ability to communicate to our clients and project teams through our information management systems and virtual work environments. We are able to utilize our entire global expertise, regardless of physical location. Matlock & Associates clients benefit both from our cost effective distributed project execution and our ability to utilize Matlock & Associates wealth of niche experts efficiently and effectively.


Matlock & Associates provides efficient, economic, and on time transportation services to difficult locations around the globe. We utilize innovative resources and technology to produce the appropriate solutions allowing us to be proactive, avoid delays, and achieve the utmost in constructor and end-customer satisfaction.

Our logistics group also executes material delivery strategies for proposals and projects. Using discrete event simulation technology, we have the ability to simulate storage, loading, transportation, and delivery systems to balance the capacity for materials movements against risk, unforeseen events, and the overall project schedule requirements for materials delivery and usage.