Achievement Awards

For sustained exceptional performance and/or significant contributions above and beyond normal performance expectations Team Matlock leadership may at its discretion award an individual or team through an achievement award.

Spot Awards

Team Matlock has a Spot award program designed to recognize special contributions, as they occur, for a specific project or task. The program manager and corporate leadership may at their discretion provide a financial award and recognition for specific or special contributions by an employee or team.

End of Year Bonus

To ensure our great staff is incentivized to do great work for the entirety of the fiscal year, our employees are eligible for an end of year bonus.

End of Contract Bonus

When our staff completes a contract term successfully they are rewarded with an end of contract bonus. This helps us ensure that we retain highly productive staff during contract performance and that our workforce is vested in the long-term success of the program.


Team Matlock encourages staff to pursue personal growth and provides eligible employees the opportunity for additional education each year through our tuition reimbursement program.