By teaming with Matlock for proposal support, small and large companies gain access to:

  • A team of specialized IDIQ and large government contract proposal experts
    • This includes facilitating an Integrated Product Team (IPT) responsible for navigating the federal rulemaking process
  • Proven tools, techniques and processes for getting it done right – on time and on budget
  • A company that supports clients with a winning, highly flexible and adaptable discipline
  • An agile approach to managing proposals that adapts to the environment and complexity of the bid
  • Compliance to Section L and Section M in proposal analysis

When to Engage Matlock for Capture and Proposal Support

Clients value the ability to engage Matlock as needed, when needed, in short- or long-term pursuits. Our services include: 

  • Win Strategy Development – We work side-by-side with your pursuit team to establish a win strategy and themes that are customer focused and benefits driven
  • Proposal Development – We provide certified experts to help in all aspects of proposal development, including overall management, volume leadership, writing, graphics, desktop publishing and production support – virtual or onsite. Our proposal experts apply agile proposal management techniques and tools to fit the environment
  • Capture Plan and Proposal Assessments – We evaluate capture readiness and proposal effectiveness against established industry best practices and standards
  • Price-to-Win and Competitive Assessment – We make sure you know who is competing: their strengths, weaknesses and advantages to help shape your price-to-win strategy on must-win pursuits