Matlock provides Technical Security System Assessment (TSSAs), Technical Security Effectiveness Evaluations (TSEEs) and Technical Security Upgrades (TSUs) encompass all aspects of a construction project to include survey, design, and installation.

We also provide Technical Security Upgrades (TSUs) include upgrading and renovating technical security systems (TSS).  These systems are essential to the protection of classified material and life safety.  TSUs ensure that these security systems are brought up to current DS standards.  Below, we define each TSSs and how TSUs interact with them:



Automated Access Control Systems (AACS)
The physical security perimeter and “hard-line” systems(e.g. doors and gates)

  • Ensures controls are physically protected, technically appropriate, and operable
  • Evaluates and installs new controllers, conduit, and cable

Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)

The video security surveillance systems feeding to Post 1 or EC Room

  • Upgrades and custom tailors to record all perimeter and critical non-perimeter scenes
  • Extending data lines for remote scene monitoring

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

There are two types of systems: Perimeter Intrusion Detection detects unauthorized access to facility perimeter and Controlled Access Area Detection detects unauthorized access to Controlled Access Areas (CAA).  CCA IDS protect the information processed, stored, and/ or discussed in offices and suites

  • Ensures systems are functional, reliable, and physically protected
  • Ensures the Technical Security Infrastructure supports intrusion detection systems
  • Upgrade, replace, or transfer power and signal wiring from the CCA intrusion detection controller to the SIC, EC Room, or SCC
  • Remove inactive system infrastructure

Imminent Danger Notification Systems (IDNS)
The systems provide immediate notification to facility personnel to warn of terrorist attack

  • Ensures systems can be accessed from key perimeter locations

Emergency Notification Systems (ENS)
Facility-wide public address system that announces IDNS signals, information, and instructions to facility occupants

  • Ensures audible signals and instructions are intelligible in all occupied spaces

Security Power Systems

  • Installs or upgrades systems, Uninterruptible Power Supply, and Regulated Power System
  • Ensure system is installed according to U.S. National Electric Code (NEC)

Technical Security Infrastructure
Knits together facility perimeter and internal systems with any existing technologies that protect information and personnel 

  • Ensures controls are physically protected, technically appropriate, and operable
  • Evaluates and installs new controllers, conduit, and cable

Security Management System Enterprise (SMSe)
Computer-based technical security monitoring and control system connected via DS intranet, OpenNet Plus, to world-class monitoring facilities within the national capital region (NCR).  SMSe provides global situational awareness and analytical and investigative capabilities