Systems Engineering and Integration

At Matlock, we innovate through a talented team of interdisciplinary skills and processes to design, integrate and manage complex systems and develop comprehensive solutions to support mission critical needs.

  • Electronic & Technical Security Systems Engineering
  • Design, Integration and Installation of Complex Systems
  • Database development and Unique travel tracking programs
  • Implement firewalls, IDS, auditing, audit analysis, response policies, data separation, data encryption and other services in operational environments in the DoD and Intel Community

IT, Network and Communications Engineering and Applications Development

We use the latest proven technologies to deliver secure networks, communications and data, as well as productivity enhancing applications on the network, cloud and mobile devices.

  • Biometric Access Control & Applications
  • Management Information Systems & Client Portals
  • Custom Software Applications
  • Mobile Applications

Translations Systems

We develop unique translation and interpreter systems allowing multiple simultaneous language interpretation systems, both closed loop or networked.

  • Systems Installs and Classroom Development Booths to Allow Multi-language Instruction
  • Professional Language Interpretation

Cyber, Systems Advisory and Consulting

We have a highly trained team of experts who can provide instruction, consultation and assess in the cleared environment.

  • Advanced Digital Forensics Consultation
  • Cyber Investigations and/or Digital Infrastructure Protection
  • Vulnerability Assessments, Disaster Recovery, Firewalls, Wireless Security and Intrusion Detection Systems