At Matlock, we draw on a talented team possessing diverse, interdisciplinary skills to design, develop, install, integrate and manage complex Information Technology systems. We help you envision and realize comprehensive solutions to meet mission critical needs.

Our offerings include:

  • Data Center and Network Design, Installation and Integration
  • Firewall Implementation
  • Secure Access Portal Development and Implementation
  • Intrusion Detection System Establishment
  • Data Center and Network Operations Management

Cloud Network Security

Cloud data storage provides users with agility and reach previously unknown in the Information Technology world. But the use of remote servers carries its own unique set of security challenges.

Matlock & Associates provides cloud network security solutions to clients with widely varied needs and user profiles. We utilize deterrent, protective, detective and corrective control protocols, and additionally employ robust log and audit trail procedures to ensure business continuity. The result is that each customer we serve enjoys the highest standards of data confidentiality, integrity and secure accessibility.