With projects, people and offices in more than 40 countries, Matlock & Associates has unmatched reach and expertise as an Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business. Construction regulations and labor laws around the world vary greatly – and we have worked successfully in some of the most difficult regulatory environments. We have a proven record of working smoothly with government agencies and labor organizations.

Major construction projects are complex undertakings, often involving dozens of subcontractors and suppliers, thousands of workers and millions of dollars in material, equipment and services. Orchestrating such operations demands first-rate construction management – something Matlock has provided for years on big and small projects around the world.


Cost Estimating and Comparative Cost Studies
Modular Construction
Power Generation / Distribution / Generator Installation
Commissioning and Maintenance of Operations

Licensed General Contracting
Waste Treatment / Reticulation

Construction Management:

Site Surveys and Feasibility Studies
Construction Schedule Development
Cost and Bid Package Analysis
Actual Cash Value Determination
Builders Risk Assessment
Managing the Bid Process and Negotiating Contracts
Contract Administration
Field Administration and Supervision
Project Monitoring

Cost and Schedule Management
Field Procurement, Receipt, Inspection, Warehousing and Issuing Material to Contractors
Safety Program and Performance Monitoring
Inspection and Surveillance
Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Document Control
Change Order Management
Delay Analysis
Claims and Dispute Resolution

Secure Facility Design and Construction

Matlock & Associates’ expertise in construction and engineering forms the basis for its secure facility service offerings. Commercial and government customers alike need to protect their most sensitive data and Information Technology systems with controlled work spaces, and Matlock tailors its support to these clients’ precise requirements. Our clients are able to focus their attention on the cutting edge of their field knowing that their information resources are safely guarded.

Equipment Rental

To support our customers’ construction requirements, we maintain robust equipment procurement networks throughout the United States. See below for our procurement hubs and equipment rental offerings.