At Matlock, we pride ourselves on being dynamic and responsive while paying close attention to detail. Our clients seek us out for our reputation as a tightly integrated multi-disciplinary firm, with an ability to collaborate that extends beyond our own walls and embraces our clients and the communities that our work impacts. We are recognized for our design and management excellence, systems integration expertise and commitment to sustainability.

Our Mission is to provide custom solutions in software design and Information Technology network integration to customers who operate in every corner of the globe.

Our Vision is to make our customers as effective as possible in achieving their goals, whether that entails detail-oriented adjustments to maximize efficiency or intense design and development work to produce the best solution from the ground up. We take a holistic approach to problem solving, working across disciplines and ensuring that our analysis is purposeful. We continually return to a human point of view, focusing our efforts on the practical impact our services have on the people who use them.

Our Core Values are integrity, ethics, innovation and commitment to our customers.